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Hi there,

Wonderful, Beautiful Woman!


I am Patricia Celest and I am so grateful to meet you here.

I am your empowering mentor but You are your own guru.

Because you already have everything you need inside you.


And I will be here for you to bring it out even more!


I am here to support you to shine your light more than ever.

I am here to make you see your radiant beauty, your passion, your true inner nature. More than ever.

I am here to inspire you and maybe also kick you in the butt towards the direction you want to explore.

Because I know that you have a yearning for more. That´s why you are here!

The day we are totally satisfied with everything, is the day we stop evolving.

And our yearning is a perfect tool….


It can make us thrive, to grow, heal and transform.

It is the spark to make miracles happen

It is the seed that takes us to places we never could image experiencing.

That yearning can make us be, walk and breathe who we fully are.


If we take action.

And not only keep it a dream.

It is within You that the Magic happens!

I don´t say it’s always easy to take action.

But it is also in the difficulties, the obstacles we can grow the most.

So welcome them with your open arms and do the best with them.

Then you make the journey much easier.


That is my suggestion and my experience.


My own story tells about that journey.


I have gone from fear to courage

I have gone from trauma to healing

I have gone from being closed down to open and vibrant

I have gone from feeling numb to feeling a lot of pleasure

I have gone from not being aware of my feminine power to owning it

I have gone from being quite and shy to dare to step up and take my space

I have gone from not attracting the right men to attracting wonderful powerful and gentle men

I have gone from destructive relationship issues to be able to solve and bring peace in my relationships

I have gone from thinking that I don´t have enough money to seeing that abundance comes to me

I have been stressed out and feeling not good enough to find inner peace and enjoying myself

I have gone from working with a career that I didn´t like to love what I am doing and living

I have gone from not being seen to being the one that shines in a room

Still, there is abundance within this for me to learn, but I have come very far from where I once was.

I am so much more in My True Nature than ever before.


And this learning and knowledge is what I would like to

inspire you with.

Live Your Light

Women have a history of being suppressed, and every day, society still plants seeds in our mind how we should behave, be, and not be.

But this is not who we are.

I am here to support you to re- programming the destructive belief systems that you are carrying.

We are here to live our full potential, to take the space we are worth.

We are here on earth and therefore are worthy to shine.

We are here to bring our feminine wisdom and grace to the world.


The world needs us.


Humanity needs more feminine energy to be able to nourish our souls.

And we women are natural experts on the feminine energy even if men also have it.

But we have forgotten a lot of this feminine wisdom.

We have allowed ourselves to fall into the more destructive masculine energy.

And that energy is all about cognitive intelligence, stress, careless for the earth and all the leaving creatures on our planet.

If the world was ruled by conscious women that love

themselves and bring their emphatic approach to the world,

there would be no war, no violence, no massive exploitation of our nature.

If the world was ruled by conscious women,

the conscious men would have space

to bring their gifts to the world.


“Women are the leaders of the Aquarian Age

not because they have `won´the proverbial war of sexes,

but because they have finally recognised their own true nature

and decided to serve it – and deliver it – for the good of all.”


Yogi Bhajan

So would you like to support this movement both within and outside of you?

if the answer is a YES....


Welcome to step into

Your True Nature even more!


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With Much Love,


Patricia Celest

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