Act From Your Truth

Imagine a place where you can come closer to yourself in a safe and joyful way.



Where you can play out different parts of yourself to make them smaller, bigger, funnier, less serious or even more serious.

Imagine a safe place where you can take problems from your life and role-playing them with others. And imagine being supported by your sisters on how to solve your them.

Imagine a wonderful setting where scary feelings become less scary and a lot of laughter and joy takes over.



In my teaching it’s not only about having fun on the surface.

It is also to open up the vulnerability inside of you so your true nature has a bigger chance to come alive.

You can open up to what scares you and what insecurities you might feel.

You can show all your sides by acting them out. This is a safe space to be supported.

After many years doing theatre and drama I have realised that I have so many sides.

I have so many personalities that I can use for different purposes in life.

And there is something about throwing myself “out there” without thinking too much

that makes actions happen much easier and faster then also in real life.

I have a degree in theater and drama and after working with many groups

I have seen big transformations in many people. Myself included.

Drama and theater is a transformative tool for unleashing our inner power.

I have been doing a lot of different kinds of theater

– everything from musicals, Commedia Dell’arte, clown, music theater, improvisation to Forum Play

to mention some of them.

The workshops I provide in Acting From Your Truth can look very different

depending on which kind of needs there are in the group.

However, I mainly focus on two different ways to work;

Theater Improvisation

–  how to break limits that are holding you back, in a joyful way. We do many exercises where we start very soft and easy, slowly go into the more challenging exercises. But remember, everything is voluntary and the focus is on joy.

Forum Play – learn how to dare to stand up for yourself, your inner truth!

This is a type of theater that originally comes from Forum Theater. Created by an Brazilian man called Agusto Boal.

He created forum theater as a forum for teaching people how to change their world.

The audience is very active in the play in the sense they give suggestions about how to change the theater so different solutions to the problems can unfold.

This work is spread around the world and gives the opportunity for the audience

to feel more empowered in their own life.

A Swedish woman called Katrin Byréus has developed this way of working even more

and turned it into something called forum play.

It has elements of different exercises and socio-analytic Role Play.

Forum Play is a type of role play designed to process the injustices and conflicts between individuals.

The play is to explore how people in vulnerable situations can change the situation.

I have seen by working with theater and drama for personal development in these ways

is highly effective.

It is not about trying to act, you can just be yourself with no experience of theater at all.

You will learn a lot about yourself and others.

And you will find tools you can bring with you into your real life.

So put yourself out there.

You will have a lot of fun!

Patricia has a lot of enthusiasm and childlike joy in her way of teaching, and it is easy to surrender and open with her guiding. Even as someone who has done many of these kind of work and for many, many years, I still learned more about myself. And I felt this was helped by her child like enthusiasm.

Flore Nicolas

Ayurvedic doctor

I attended a fabulous team building workshop held by Patricia that was full of insights, connections and laughter! Thank you for bringing us all closer together and being part of a great weekend!

Andrea Figueroa