Create Your True Art

Everyone can express art.

To express yourself through art makes your creative right brain happy.

The right brain stands for your intuitive side. As a woman, I feel this is one of your special skills.

My experience and education in art have told me that when we express art, a lot of wisdom can unfold.

Things that our rational mind can´t get it’s head around, opens up when we just let our creativity flow.

Many people have an opinion about themselves that expressing their own art is not worthwhile.

This is to deny one part of you that wants to express itself.

This is to put yourself in a limiting box.

This is to miss an important resource that you own.

A resource that can provide you with a lot of wisdom and clarity.

Through my teaching, it is not about what looks good or bad, pretty or ugly.

My teaching is about putting emotions and thoughts into a picture that tells us more than our words can say.

In my teaching I guide your hands and also your body into your own unique expression.

Your unique expression is one face of Your True Nature.

In that expression lays a lot of inner beauty, strength and empowerment.

Creating Your True Art can consist of different workshops such as:

Paint your inner wisdom

– different topics that guide you more into yourself.

Face and body painting

– let your body and creativity play together with colours.


Unleash Your True Nature 

– Transform yourself into the piece of art that you already are.

  Photo session can be included