Dance Your Truth

Do you want to experience a dance

that not only opens up your body but also your heart?



Would you like to feel connection, closeness, playfulness, joy and a deeper part of yourself

and the ones you meet in the dance?

Would you like to be guided

to listen to your bodies wisdom?




I use dance and movement as a tool for you to come closer to Your True Nature.

When you move your body, you also move emotions that might be stuck.

Through my guidance will you get possibilities to open up more of yourself, to see that you are so much more.

These workshops I am creating are based first hand on my own experience of dance as a liberating force.

I also have an education in dance and movement but there are no right or wrong footsteps to take.

I combine the workshops with my skills in coaching, flexibility and presence.

I open up for the possibilities that it in the end it is your body and heart that guides you.

And that guidance brings you more into yourself.

Dance Your Truth consists of different workshops that can be:

– Dancing your desires through the Manifesting Medicine dance workshop

– Playfulness and joy through the Sensual Seductive dance workshop

– Rising each other up through the Hearty Sisterhood dance workshop

– Letting the elements of nature guide you through the Nature Element dance workshop

– Movement and connection in new possibilities through the Contact Improvisation dance workshop

– Creating a poetry of word and movement in the Body Poetry dance workshop

The dance is still in in my heart. I did the dance workshop last summer but what an effect it has had on my life since then! Camilla Pedersen

Medical Secretary

Thank you Patricia for a deep touching and liberating dance workshop. I created a deep contact with myself and my body and I realized what was holding me back from truly experiencing what I want in my life. An unforgettable experience.

Andrea Figueroa


Patricia is a really good and enthusiastic teacher. I have experienced two of her workshops, one in dance and one in singing. In both of them she managed to create a fun and relaxing space where you just could to let go and surrender. She is really good to explain and demonstrate what to do and her beautiful way to be, letting you feel accepted.  In the last workshop I had with Patricia one of the most beautiful moments was created. We were in couples and one exercise went really deep and intense for me. That exercise I often think about with a lot of gratitude. I warmly recommend Patricia as a teacher and a leader.

Tine Gröndahl