Womanly Wisdom

Explore Your True Womanly Wisdom



Is more self love something you think could improve your life?


Are you curious to dive deeper into the knowledge of your body

and your sexual center?


Do you feel womanhood is about lifting each other up

instead of competing?



Exploring Your True Womanly Wisdom contains various workshops.

In beautiful sisterhood we share, care and learn from each other.

We explore different topics including relationship, the power of feminine archetypal work,

women’s sexuality, health, sensuality, body image and self love.

I share also from my own experience and knowledge.

Some of my special workshops are:

Step into Your Feminine Power

 – We work with feminine archetypes as our guide.

The Wisdom of the Yoni

 – Our vagina has a lot of messages to give us if we are ready to listen to her wisdom.

Thank you for the AMAZING workshop. I´ve never done anything like this before and your guidance was so genuine, clear and just what I needed. I felt so connected to everyone, my sisters. So comfortable and trusting to let out my desires and vulnerabilities. I feel more supported to continue my journey of unraveling into who I am and I realize now that I can ask for help and deserve to be nurtured and loved. Thank you!


Patricia has an incredible ability to create a safe space for the participants to really dig into and explore their true nature. She is clear with her instructions, and in the same time open and feels what is needed in the group


Transformative, spiritual, healing journey. Thank you so much. Helping us to connect with our sisters, share love and white light. An overwhelming nurturing space was created.