Free Your Voice

Free Your Voice


Do you ever have the feeling that your voice contains so much more that you have not been able to express?


Do you often feel that you hold back your voice when you talk or sing when you are in front of other people?


Can you feel that you struggle to be present in your body while using your voice in front of others?




Free Your Voice – it’s all about freeing what’s no longer serving you so even more of your true inner nature can unfold.

This workshop is mostly about being present with yourself and others. It is also about exploring all the feelings that come up when you use your voice in different ways.

Acceptance, safety and support is what I am creating for you.

There will also be parts about voice techniques but we will mainly focus on playfulness, joy, reprogramming your destructive belief system and to be met in your beautiful vulnerability.

 Body, mind, emotion and soul will all be integrated.

There will be possibilities to expand your comfort zone but everything is voluntary and we are all in our own process. There is no comparing and always an opportunity to step aside.

You can come with no experience about singing at all or with a lot of experience. There is always another step that can be taken so you can be more free in your expression.

My background has been through participating in individual and group singing classes for many years.

This has included everything from classical, musical, folk, gospel to jazz music.

I have performed a lot in both individual and in groups.

To create the Free Your Voice workshop, I have combined this singing experience with studies and practical experience in coaching, mental training, theatre and performance techniques.

I use voice and singing as a technique to dive deeper into the essence of who you are.

Through my work I have gotten feedback that this is a deep transforming and healing tool for many people.

Our voice is a parameter and a mirror of a lot of our inner world.

That’s because our voice is very vulnerable when it comes to the unfolding of your true authentic self.

By working with the voice we work to strengthen both the inner and outer expression of our self.

Step into your voice even more – step deeper into yourself.    

 I was very surprised of how big of a voice there is within me. I  have been singing in choir for many years and I am always singing at home but I have never before managed to get so much power from my voice that I got in this workshop.  To express my voice in so many different ways and also in front of someone else was a challenge – but what a positive impact it has done to me! To be accepted completely as I am, is incredibly beautiful. It is so healing to do this kind of voice work.

Since I did the workshop I haven’t had any contractions in my throat at all, which I often have. I have also been more concious about my voice in my life, in both speaking and singing. I have learnt how to use the breath correctly and letting my diaphragm to support me.

Camilla Pedersen

Medical Secretary

Three words to describe how I felt after the workshop: at peace, awake, enough.

More words to describe what happened: First of all, your servant leadership. The way you guided the group with so much calm and authenticity. Grounded in experience that allows you the flexibility to both follow and lead the group, while increasing the level of challenge step by step. I remember being amazed by the flow of the workshop, how easy it was to come along. Thank you for letting me re-experience my voice and for reminding me of the resource I carry. Presence is key!  

Your way of working is so rich, Patricia. You do not only have your voice training and performance experience, you also have coaching skills and the ability to facilitate groups, as well as knowledge about personal development and awareness of the many aspects of using voice and facing personal challenges. This experience and awareness shines through everything you say and do.

Having taken opera singing lessons for two years and participated in numerous workshops, I was deeply impressed and moved by the quality of your work. There is a word for it: wonderful. Please share it with the world, Patricia. Thank you.

Magdalena Musiala

Collaboration Coach