Let Nature be Your Guide


Your True Nature

Imagine feeling your senses

maybe stronger than ever.



Imagine being totally

in the present moment.



Imagine feeling totally relaxed and in tune

with yourself



Imagine yourself getting clarity

from a rock, a tree or a spider?




There is a wisdom in nature that reflects what is within us.

Through Nature we can more easily come in contact with our True Nature. Our True essence.

Because we are a piece of nature our self.

Born in the forest on a small Finnish Island I grew up with nature always around me.

It was my teacher and my healer.

At an early age I could see different shapes and faces in the natural materials.

That gave me a sense that everything is alive and everything has a message.

We have to honour nature and see it´s inner wisdom.

Later in life I came in contact with Esoteric Tantra and I could see so many similarities.

Nature as Tantra, teaches us to be in the present moment.

Nature as Tantra, teaches us to open up our senses.

Nature as Tantra, teaches us how to stay in our heart.

Nature as Tantra, shows us that something has to die to give birth to something new.

I could continue forever.

There is a consciousness in nature that we can choose to see and to learn from.

That´s why I have created workshops in nature.

The Learning from Nature workshops is in nature and can be:

Tantric Nature Connection

– together with a partner, a friend or a sister you will explore how you can experience your senses on a very high level. You will also be guided into your heart and communicate from that space.

The Guide within Nature

– here you will get nature as your guide to get clarity  where you are in life and where you are meant to go from here.


Nature is always there for us…waiting to be listened to..

With beautiful humbleness Patricia guided us and brought pure wisdom – that is the deepest path of all… to BE with nature itself.

The opportunity to experience the pure authenticity – that everything is really about! The way is open – no need for anything else than that..

God Bless you for giving this incredible and important workshop ” Tantra Nature connection” I will keep you and that memory deep in my heart for ever!

Walk In Beauty

Engla Neppe

Patricia lead the workshop in a light, clear and simple way. She made me feel safe and relaxed. I appreciate the exercises when we were invited to give and receive conscious touch and to dare to change my mind during the touch and ask for something else from the person I worked with in the workshop. I plan to attend Patricia’s workshop again when I’m around where it happens.


Jack Johnson

The Art of Living & Sama Yoga Teacher