Manifest Your True Desires

Manifest Your True Desires

What if…


– you could find out what you truly desire?


– your true desires could be your reality?


– you could find accessible steps that support you towards your dream?


– you could find the strength and power that supports you on your journey?


If some, or all of these questions resonate with you, you would most likely get a lot out of these workshops about Manifest Your True Desires.

You will  have the possibility to go from confusion to clarity.

You will get practical tools that you can continue working with after the workshop.

These workshops and tools will support you to get into action and keep going for the reality you wish for.

As a life coach I have many strategies and tools that have helped myself

and a lot of people to go from thoughts to manifesting dreams.

Manifesting Your True Desires consists of two workshops;

Explore your life purpose

– If you are not really clear what you are here for, this will get you clear.

Live your Passion!

– if you are quite clear what you want to manifest but are stuck in the doing of it, this will show you the way!

Thanks for a super good workshop Patricia. I can recommend everyone to do this workshop. In this short time, I found out what parts of my life I need to work on and I got tools / steps that will help me on the road. I can also tell you that now, almost a year later, I still use your tools to achieve my goals. Unforgettable workshop!

Hanna Urbansson

Manager on Red Fox advertising

I was surprised when I saw my` answer’. The result of the exercises gave me a clear word and also a feeling that it was right. Very interesting and inspiring. Thanks!


This workshop made me aware of feelings and thoughts that I didn’t know I had. It helped me to put focus on things that maybe I have been thinking about, but wasn’t really `listening´to.


Good guidance and exercises. Patricia has helped me to see my goals clearly with simple means. Thanks!


I got some very useful insights about myself that I didn’t know before. I kind of knew where I was heading in life before. I got to the workshop and now it is very clear. The questions we were asked were very useful to get to the core. And I have a concrete thing to do tomorrow that will make me continue walking in the right direction