Patricia is the expression of love, light and beauty. She is powerful and sensitive at the same time, reminding people of their true nature. They will remember consciously or subconsciously trough interacting with her.

Caroline Yazi

Life Coach, Energy Healer, Author, Artist

 I am a multi-passionate,

sensual Finnish-Swedish Empress Elf,

born on a small Island of red granite

in a forest of pine and moss.

I am also an adventurer, a heroin,

an artist, a singer, a coach, an initiating woman, a lover,

a fascinated woman, a healer, a Gemini, a daughter, a friend

and a sister for you if you want.


Is it allowed to portray yourself like this?

Sure it is!

We can actually be anything we want.


I promise.

And we are so much more than only one thing, only one role.


I come from the countries where we have the unwritten “law of Jante” where now one should stand out from the crowd. No one should think they are something special. No one should say something good about themselves.

So yes, it have take me a while to come to this.

But it´s because I have on a deeper level realized that:

We all have the right to be proud of who we are.

We all have the right to shine with humbleness and gratitude.

And it is only YOU how decide who YOU are.


And this is what I would love to support you with.

To come closer to Your True Nature.

Already at early age I knew that I wanted to support people in some ways.

But I also knew that I loved to make art

and express myself in many different aesthetic ways.


So I studied:

– Classic song in Finland

– Musical in Sweden

– Performing art and movement in England

– Arts and Craft in Norway

– A Teacher degree in aesthetic expression in Sweden

– A Drama and Theater degree in Sweden

I also co-created a performing artist group in Sweden with beautiful women. We created fire art, dance, theater and body painting art. We literally created everything ourselves from costumes, fire tools, choreographic, marketing and you name it. We performed in front of thousands of people. It was like a school and a deep devoted passionate practice and joy in the same time.

But there was something more that my heart wanted to express

so I also went to different schools and studied:

– life coaching

– health and wellness coaching

– healing

– yoga and yoga philosophy

– esoteric tantra

– tantra for women

After doing all of those years of with so much study, degrees and diplomas I realise that my aesthetic expression and my interest and knowledge for various kind of personal development wasn’t separate.

Your personal development is your personal expression

which can be seen in many forms and many roles.


One of the forms to express Yourself

is to express through The Art of Your Soul.


Welcome to express Your Art with me

Welcome to express Your True Nature

Patricia has a tremendous capacity to turn anything into beauty and grace. She have so many faces and I’m sure I’ve only seen but a few. She is gentle and kind. I honour her.

Hajnalka Eastern Wind

Therapist at Hands of Wisdom