I offer Songs


My Heart to Your Heart


My songs are directly downloaded from my heart

with the aim to give hope, support and empowerment to the receiver.

Sisters in unity


This song is to all my sisters, with joy, love and gratitude!

It came to me after a beautiful meeting with a sister.

Sisters in unity

by Vocal and lyrics:Patricia Celest & Guitar: David Styles


This is a meditative song that tells us that we are part of something bigger.

If we just surrender to the flow of it, we will be able to move mountain with our waves.


by Vocal and lyrics: Patricia Celest & Guitar: David Styles

Voice like an angel!

Joakim Roos


I’ve heard Towe sing in a couple of occasions, and she always performed flawlessly and captured the audience with her beautiful voice.

Meng Sun


I’ve had the privilege of enjoying the performances of Patricia a number of times. Most of them were at different events at the yoga school, where she sang with her beautiful, rich, charming, sensual voice.


On a most personal side, Patricia was kind enought to sing at my wedding, “ Av längtan till dig”, which is a beautiful Swedish romantic song. It enhanced the cermony in a wonderful way and brought tears of love to our eyes.
Listening to Patricia is something that will warm your heart and enlighten your soul for a long time – perhaps a lifetime!

Carina Leticia Klemez

Translator and Productivity Consultant