There are infinite ways to expand your feminine radiance, power and wisdom.

 In my workshops I offer to YOU what has brought ME

the most transformation.

By creating conscious art you have many opportunities to feel

Your True Nature in a deep nourishing way.

I will be your support and guide in this.

Together we re-create and co-create our creative wisdom.

Free Your Voice

By working with the voice we work to strengthen both the inner and outer expression of our self.

Explore Your True Womanly Wisdom

In beautiful sisterhood we share, care and learn from each other.

Act from Your Truth

You can show all your sides by acting them out.

This is a safe space to be supported.

Learn from Nature

There is a wisdom in nature that reflects what is within us.

Manifest Your True Desires

These workshops and tools will support you to get into action and keep going for the reality you wish for.

Dance Your Truth

Do you want to experience a dance that not only opens up your body but also your heart?

Create Your True Art

When we express art, a lot of wisdom can unfold.