Your Yoni - Your Sacred Space

3,5 hours of sexual coaching, healing,

full body massage and yoni mapping 

‘Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method’, is a revolutionary healing modality for women, developed by Bonnie Bliss.

It is a gentle and respectful ‘guided tour’ of your most mysterious region – the incredible female pelvis.

Yoni Mapping Therapy gives you an opportunity to discover the potential of your Yoni,

and to come to a place of wholeness, love, respect and honouring for yourself.

It is an integrated modality that embraces all aspects of the self;

physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual,

with the intention that in being seen, heard and touched in this way,

a woman can get to know her deeper, unscripted, authentic self.

Even though we sometimes work quite specifically, there’s nothing we are trying to change or fix,

no place to get to, and no pushing or forcing.

Yoni Mapping sessions are about being present with whatever is arising,

without judging it or labelling it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

All of you is welcome

– whatever that looks like!

‘Yoni’ is the Sanskrit word for the female genitals,

meaning ‘sacred space’ or ‘temple’.

In ancient traditions,

our yonis were honoured and worshiped

for their life-giving abilities.

What happens in a

Yoni Mapping Therapy session?

Initial Yoni Mapping Therapy sessions are always 3,5 hours long and are a combination of:

  • Coaching / Talk Therapy and initial consultation – we sit down and have an informal chat about what’s going on for you. There’s space to share ANYTHING that feels important – all of you is welcome!
  • Education related to pelvic wellness, pleasure, anatomy etc.
  • Home-Play – Learning specific approaches and practices to take home to deepen your connection with your Yoni.
  • Nurturing whole body massage – relaxing bodywork to arrive fully in the body and open yourself to receive.
  • Therapeutic abdominal & pelvic massage – releasing tension and congestion in the belly and pelvis, bringing more blood flow, relaxation and sensitivity.
  • Gentle external and internal vaginal massage and mapping – undertaken with your consent and with an open flow of communication throughout.We work softly to release tension and restore blood flow, sensitivity and awareness. You are oriented to your internal pelvic landscape, following physical sensation and emotions that arise as different areas are touched and massaged.We navigate through your Yoni, exploring areas of numbness, restriction, disconnection and muscle tension. Together, we literally create a map of your innermost world – discovering what feels tight, what feels relaxed, what feels good, where certain emotions are stored, how your internal pelvic sensitivity is, and more. Afterward, most women feel more aliveness and sensation in the pelvis, a deeper connection with their body and a newfound sense of respect for their vagina. Every session is completely different because every woman is unique.

“Yoni Mapping is a kind of therapy which is also a gentle and respectful guided tour of the most intimate and mysterious part of your body.

It’s all about embracing your whole being and getting more in contact with yourself.”

Bonnie Bliss,

founder of Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method

What are the benefits of this modality?

There are some common themes that women choose to explore in sessions that Yoni Mapping Therapy may address.

Almost any woman can benefit from a session.

Maybe there’s something physical you’d like to work with?

  • Relieving chronic pelvic tension or pain
  • Numbness or lack of awareness internally
  • Restoring muscle engagement and balance
  • Healing from an operation in the pelvic/abdominal area (scar tissue remediation)
  • Clearing congestion in the pelvic region
  • Supporting pelvic organ health & alignment (reducing likelihood of disease)

What if it’s more of an emotional thing?

  • Healing sexual trauma from past experiences of abuse/violation
  • Addressing shame or guilt in relation to sex / your vagina
  • Desiring to feel more connected to the Yoni/pelvis
  • Healing emotionally from an operation / abortion / miscarriage
  • Desiring to be touched with respect and honouring
  • Releasing old emotions related to the pelvis / past experiences

Or you’d like to go deeper with self-care and self-nurturing?

  • Exploring another level of self-care and self-nurturing
  • Learning specific practices for pelvic wellness
  • Creating a more loving connection with your Yoni
  • Feel clearer in your boundaries and communication

Or you just want to learn some stuff in an experiential way?

  • Getting to know your way around this part of your body
  • Just curious to learn more and discover more about the vagina

Maybe it’s about S-E-X?

  • Letting go of painful or uncomfortable sex
  • Exploring libido challenges
  • You don’t experience orgasm during intimacy with a partner
  • You’re addicted to using a vibrator to reach orgasm
  • You haven’t explored what’s possible in terms of pleasure beyond the clitoris
  • You want to learn more about your pleasure potential
  • Feel more sexually confident and empowered through understanding

Maybe you’re transitioning into a certain life phase?

  • Support in the transition to menopause
  • Support your fertility journey
  • Ending a long term relationship and rediscovering your body

Have you recently had a baby?

  • Reconnecting to the vagina and pelvis when things feel different after birth
  • Scar tissue remediation for episiotomy / C-section / natural tearing
  • Feeling held and acknowledged in your birth experience
  • Making friends with your vagina again if the birth didn’t go as planned
  • Supporting emotional and physical healing after a difficult birth

Or maybe you’re pregnant?

  • Preparing your body for birth physically – relaxing, creating space
  • Working specifically with internal areas that will help with the birth
  • Letting go of old emotional tension/stories before birth

Let me guide you more into yourself.

To surrender.

To Your True Nature.

I have struggled with vaginal pain, sexual shame, body shame and sexual dysfunction for many years. Finally I feel like I´m in the initial stages of reclaiming my body, my femininity, my self-love and it´s power and the Yoni-mapping session has most definitely initiated me into this process. Patricia’s loving calm and allowing warmth made me feel very comfortable in a position and context where one maybe naturally would feel tense and on edge, especially if having experienced any kind of sexual trauma.

My Yoni-mapping session opened me up to a whole new world of feeling and understanding deep within what power and tremendous healing lies in the reconnecting with our bodies and our Yonis in a safe and loving space. Patricia gently guided me into re-discovering an intuitive connection and communication with my Yoni and a bodily wisdom that I felt had been buried in me for a very long time and that moved me deeply.  

After the session I have had a prominent strengthening of my intuition, my spiritual guidance, my connection with my body  as well as great insights into where my own blockages lie. I reconnected with a past life and within this reclaimed a very important part of myself.

Patricia has a wonderful presence, a very natural and relaxing approach, lots of loving wisdom and a very high aim to be of as much service as possible.

I highly recommend a session with Patricia if you want a healing space to connect deeper with yourself, your sexuality, your amazing gifts as a woman and the wisdom that you carry!


What a beautiful delight to have a yonimapping session! In a tender, soft and gently flexible way Patricia guided me through a mind and body blowing experience. I felt totally safe and held and was free to feel and express everything that came up. The ritual to release and let go of what is holding me back was a great opening. The hours was intense but just flew away in total presence in the moment. I experienced a stress release in my whole body and I have never felt so in contact with my womb and yoni.

After the session it felt as if the whole world was embraced by my body! This feeling lasted for many hours.

I truly recommend this to all women.



Why is this type of therapy necessary?

Does it really need to be internal?

There many benefits of internal therapeutic pelvic massage – which is now becoming more popular in many different fields. Osteopaths, physiotherapists and pelvic floor specialists do internal massage for pelvic health and alignment.

Just as with general massage, the benefits of offering internal work are plentiful:

  • access to ligaments and tendons that can only be touched from the inside
  • the release of chronic tension that traditional external massage cannot get to.
  • restoration of alignment and balance thus supporting a woman’s pelvic wellness
  • healing and relaxing of pelvic floor muscles allowing effective engagement
  • shifting patterns of ‘compensation’ where specific parts are overworking due to ineffective engagement or held tension in other areas.

In our culture, many women are disconnected from their whole pelvic region – mostly due to trauma of some kind, and/or shame.

Trauma, expressed in the body as tension and experienced by a woman as pain or numbness, can arise from something as simple as having sex without being sufficiently aroused, to something as complex as a difficult birth or sexual abuse/violation.

Underneath the glossy, modern sexual landscape we live in, many of us struggle to understand ourselves as sexual beings. It is rare to meet a woman who truly KNOWS her vagina well.

Massaging and mapping internally allows a woman to meet her yoni. To discover her own creative power source, this part that has often only been experienced as problematic or bothersome (periods), or ‘for’ the purpose of another’s pleasure, or for procreation.

We do not receive adequate education about our own basic anatomy and sexuality. In fact, we are often given the wrong information – which leaves us confused and unclear.

That’s why having an experienced practitioner gently guide you through an area that may be wildly unfamiliar can be a total revelation.

Internal mapping can give a woman the capacity to answer questions like:

Where do I disconnect from feeling?

Where is there pain and numbness?

Is that area still tender from the operation?

What areas are pleasurable?

What feels relaxing?

How is my pelvic floor?

Is there much tension in there?

What does my cervix feel like?

Where is my A-spot anyway?

How do I like to be touched?

Because Mapping sessions involve whole body work, it can give a woman the felt experience that her Yoni is connected to the rest of her body – a profound wholeness.

Additionally, a session creates the space for a woman to simply receive. Nothing is expected of her, she doesn’t need to perform in any way, she can just relax and discover herself. It sounds so simple, but it’s something few women have ever experienced.

After receiving this kind of session, women often come away with a sense of clarity about what they want in their lives – and what is no longer acceptable.

This could mean being more discerning about who we allow to enter our most sacred space.
Or desiring to treat our bodies better.
Or choosing to have longer foreplay because it feels amazing.
Or taking more time to self-pleasure and explore with curiosity.
Or letting go of an unhealthy relationship that both participants knew wasn’t right.
Or taking the leap with that big project.

It’s an empowering embodied experience that can help you feel who you are on a deeper level.

It’s about coming home to yourself.

Patricia is a very sweet, loving, empathic women.
I really recommend every women to try yonimapping. If you feel your innervoice telling you should try but you feel nervous, and feel resistance, do it anyway. You will not regret it. It’s a priceless experience.

I recommend extra much to women who, like me have had a lot of shame about sex, touching your own body and talk about sex. It’s a really great experience to learn more about your Yoni, that I did know very little about before, learn about your pleasure points and I feel now that it has open up my heart more to myself and to my feminine power. I feel that I’m worth the best and take care of myself.

When Patricia told me about Yoni mapping I felt straight away that I wanted to try even if I felt very nervous in the beginning. I felt I was worth it, to try. I felt safe with Patricia. That’s important to find a person you feel safe with.

Straight away After the session, a lot of shame had disappeared. It has opened up the feminine side of me more; I really want to honour my feminine side, want to dress more feminine. I want to connect more with women, I want to learn more about my cycle, honour my body and work more with the shame around sex that are still left inside me but now I feel strongly I want to take the power over it and not let it limit me.

The yoni mapping teaches us more about our body and how worthy we are to feel pleasure. Yonimapping is needed more than ever. The shame has to be seen to be able to disappear. It is time for us women to put down our foot down and accept, honour and stand in our power!

So again, to every woman who read here, don’t hesitate to take a session with Patricia, you will not regret it!

Like I said, Patricia is so sweet and caring and can help you a lot!

Now it’s a few month since I did the yoni mapping and I feel more shame has left and I can touch my body with love and not much shame. I really want to honour my feminine side and dress mostly in skirts and dresses. I take care of my body most days! It’s amazing and I think it’s a lot because of the yoni mapping.

Thanks and love from me


Jag har sedan vår session haft 5 fina “yoni-stunder”, som jag kallar det. Sessionen med dig har verkligen hjälpt mig och inspirerat mig till att vara mer lyhörd och snäll gentemot min yoni under dessa stunder och det känns verkligen skillnad framförallt med den psykiska delen. Jag kan till och med se fram emot de här stunderna med min yoni! Och bara efter en gång så kände jag en ny trygghet i mig själv när jag sedan var nära min partner.

Jag har i min morgonbön tackat för att livet visade mig till dig och för ditt engagemang, din visdom och kärlek. Det är så fint att känna hur mycket du verkligen vill hjälpa och inspirera med något som du själv tror på starkt och brinner för.

Ett otroligt stort tack till dig och massa kärlek!




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